Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mary is printing again!

Hello people of the world,

sorry for the delay on the Mary Katrantzou Review, had a rough week!

As I said in my last post, I think that her AW 12/13 collection is a massive improvement in every way. Great patterns, amazing prints and I love the silhouettes, a lot of attention to the hips!

This time Mary and her team focused on turning common objects like spoons, pencils, watches and a typewriter into amazing prints. Most of them where blowen up and disaffected. Look # 22 shows a huge watch which turned in some kind of belt. This Look features also a lot of embroidery witch is another focus in this collection. Since they had a great response from the SS 12 collection I think they will use embroidery more often from now on. But the embroidery was not only made out of Swarowski crystals, they used actual pencils for Look # 15, which I think makes this look one of the key pieces.

I really liked the show and I think that she is evolving in a good way!

Look # 3
Look # 9Look # 15, pencils everywhere! "Sprinter Fritz"Look # 18, the typewriterLook # 22, "the watch on my waist"Look # 30,Look # 32,

enjoy the show

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