Monday, 27 February 2012

It’s also a smartphone

OMG, Nokia just nailed it at the mobile congress 2012 in Barcelona!

Everyone was waiting for something big, a real "game changer"! And they gave us not only a "game changer" they gave us a monster! The Nokia 808 pure view features a mutherf#%*!/ 41 megapixel sensor with Nokia's highest performance Carl Zeiss optics to date and their brand-new pixel oversampling technology. This is hardcore!

But this combination isn’t focused on shooting pictures the size of billboards! It is about creating amazing pictures at normal, manageable sizes like five or eight megapixels. That gives us a combination of benefits like using oversampling to combine up to seven pixels into one “pure” pixel, to eliminate the visual noise found on other mobile phone cameras. Another benefit is that you can zoom in up to 3X without losing any of the details in your shot. Next to that you can use ‘Creative Shooting Mode’ to capture images at high resolution – 38 megapixels. This mode gives you the possibility to reframe, crop and zoom to find the best “picture within the picture”.

The phone features a four-inch ClearBlack AMOLED display. A 1.3GHz processor, 512 RAM, 16 GB internal user memory, with support for MicroSD cards up to 32GB and it comes in three colours. I don't know which colour but I know that this will be my next sorry, phone! :D


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mary is printing again!

Hello people of the world,

sorry for the delay on the Mary Katrantzou Review, had a rough week!

As I said in my last post, I think that her AW 12/13 collection is a massive improvement in every way. Great patterns, amazing prints and I love the silhouettes, a lot of attention to the hips!

This time Mary and her team focused on turning common objects like spoons, pencils, watches and a typewriter into amazing prints. Most of them where blowen up and disaffected. Look # 22 shows a huge watch which turned in some kind of belt. This Look features also a lot of embroidery witch is another focus in this collection. Since they had a great response from the SS 12 collection I think they will use embroidery more often from now on. But the embroidery was not only made out of Swarowski crystals, they used actual pencils for Look # 15, which I think makes this look one of the key pieces.

I really liked the show and I think that she is evolving in a good way!

Look # 3
Look # 9Look # 15, pencils everywhere! "Sprinter Fritz"Look # 18, the typewriterLook # 22, "the watch on my waist"Look # 30,Look # 32,

enjoy the show

fotos from

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Burberry Prorsum AW 12 womenswear

London Fashion Week is kicking ass (again)! I just saw Mary Katrantzou and it's a massive improvement to her SS 11 collection! But let's talk about Burberry Prorsum today and I'll review Mary Kantrantzou Tomorrow.

Christopher Bailey showed his AW collection on monday and the focus was the "least favorite part of most women’s anatomy" says Suzy Mankes from 'The New York Times'. Next to that she is asking a very interesting question: "Could umbrellas be the new handbags?". They actually could! We've seen them already in the mensshow one month ago. But I doubt that one brand has such a big influence to make an umbrella the new "it"-accessory!

The Collection focused on a sophisticated city-style with a twist of town and field elements, such as field jackets, heavy wool fabrics, animal prints, gilded fox heads as clasps on handbags and handles of umbrellas. It also seams to me, that Christopher loves belts! Almost every style was belted!

My favorite Part is the second section of the collection, which starts with the second song called "Walls" by Rae Morris!!

Enjoy the show!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Louboutin vs. Burberry Prorsum

The modern man is wearing bags for "ages" now (which is a good thing by the way). The clutch, or as some of us call it 'the document holder', is one of the most preffered styles of this common phenomenon. This style comes in different shapes, colours, fabrics and with different trimmings.
So it was inevitable that at some point spikes will find their way on 'document holders'. I don't really know if Burberry was the first Brand to do so for a men's bag! But they did it for the upcoming A/W 12/13 collection as well as Christian Louboutin recently for the S/S 12 collection. Which one do you prefer ?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The exotic dinner party

Since everything goes digital and gets faster and faster, we don't get only print campaigns, we get campaign videos as well! Prada, Burberry and Lanvin is doing it for a while now! Givenchy startet last winter with their first video campaign featuring the panther and rottweiler prints!

As I postet the Prada campaign video the other day, here you get Lanvins "festive and exotic dinner party" featuring Maxine Ashley song "Cookie Man" (produced by Pharrell Williams)


ps: I don't like the snakes! Don't you agree that that "snakes on models" is done now!)


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

1453 Bachelorthesis

Letzte Woche Freitag fand die Absolventen Show, die "Exit" der AMD Düsseldorf statt. Neben den Kollektionen der Designstudenten wurden auch einige Arbeiten von den Journalisten und einige Bachelorarbeiten der Design- und Mode Management Absolventen ausgestellt. Darunter auch meine Arbeit. :DBAM!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

brumm brumm

As we all know Prada has a special way to advertise their collections! The setting for the spring/summer 12 womenswear campaign is a gas station from the 1950s! The pictures are gorgeous and the video funny as always!