Monday, 12 December 2011

stuff we don't need

The opinions are split when it comes to the meaning and need of fashion. Do we really need so many bags, shoes or even jeans ?! Some studies show that we already have enough clothes in our wardrobes for the next 7 years. But we all know, when a new season starts, it's not only a new beginning for trends, shapes, colours and must-haves, it's a new start, a reboot!

Anyway, the point is, from all the stuff we need and don't need but want, Jimmy Choo's coffee cup sleeve for 95 GBP reached the peak of all the useless and stupid stuff! Honestly who 'needs' a leather coffee cup sleeve !? And the reusable and 'green' factor doesn't count, it's leather!You can buy it at net-a-porter, but you shouldn't, cause it's a waist of money and ressources!

1 comment:

Herdiana Surachman said...

are you serious? JC OMG

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Herdiana Surachman