Monday, 28 November 2011

The Book, arrived!

Some weeks ago I posted the making-of video from the Chrisitian Louboutin Book which is dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Christian Louboutin. I bought one copy last week and it arrived today and I fell in love with it, straight away! It is amazing! Looks very luxurious and there are some surprises!

I got it over for (only) 47,60 GBP (55€), the actual pricetag says $ 150 (96,75 GBP / 113 €)...I think I just made a bargain :D

The Book is divided in 5 chapters!Chapter One is called "A Life" which is sort of a biographie with an interviewChapter Two is called "Shoes" and shows some of the highlight pieces!Chapter three is called "Fetish" and shows some fetish pieces Louboutin did.

Chapter four is called "Places" and shows stores, offices and manufactories and also how to creat a shoe!

Chapter five is called "Twenty Years" and is a catalogue of all the shoes Christian Louboutin ever did.


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