Monday, 7 February 2011

...a piece of denim!

shall it become a pair of jeans, or would you prefer a jacket ? Or maybe a another good idea...a denim gown :D....I would like to see a denim gown...because i think that most designers become blind of finding some super, expencive, unhuman, never-seenbefore fabrics...that they forget the good old classics! Ok Prada did some nice denim pieces this summer but it`s no breathtaking! Anna W. would say: "Where is the galmour? Lift it!" :D


hia said...

hahahah toller "schal" :-))
hat nicht g-star immer alles aus denim in ihren shows??

oh man hab gard das bild rechts gesehn. danke für deinen support, freut mich voll :-D

Pana said...

"Das" war ein "Experiment" :D

G-Star hat sehr viel aus Denim! Fänds aber auch geil wenn mal Chanel, Dior oder Givenchy geile Denim Teile raushaut! Stell dir vor wie geil ein Mcqueen Kleid aus Denim aussehen würde!!! KILLA

ps: gern ;)

Chris said...

Toll, toll!