Sunday, 21 February 2010

...have "fun" with!

"Do me a favour, show me who you would like to f*** with!" was the question of the night...I was surprised that they (my colleagues from Diesel and some friends) cooperate really easily!

Now you will see a deep insight the sex-fantasy of different people! Be warned it will will be amused!

interesting....on a ladder!? But to be honest Ekram has a really good taste, he is one of the hottest in that book!....he probably would be the lucky one in this "deal" : D...I just noticed that Ekram (first) and Nuri choose the same guy...think this will end up in a threesome : D...aha "stretching"...or is it more this "against the door" thing !?!?!Andy chooses her because she wears the best outfit! Do we believe that ???Eleni, "give it to me" BAM!Orkun decided to take the couch, very classic but well-tried! :Djust to be clear, I do not detain details but he did not want to share!Another threesome...Rikarda and Meri would love to "take" him...I noticed that only the ladies prefer group activity! Curious!

Note: If you look like that one of that beautiful people in that book and want to have some "fun" with the people who choose you, contact me, I will send it up! : D


hia said...

hahaha sind das deine arbeitskollegen?? :-DD witzige truppe^^

Pana said...

ein paar davon : D

The Fake Sartorialist said...

Ha ha!
I love it!
Looks like you all had fun.

Pana said...

it was fun because they were pretty shy! the beginning : D