Thursday, 18 February 2010

show me your detail!

Two days ago we saw the first Collection by Greek designer Sophia Kokosalaki for Diesel Black Gold at NY Fashion Week! After two days I can say that I like the collection a little bit more!

Actually she did a really good job and the collection is pretty sharp! But I remain at my comment: (I made after the show) there is not that much (typical) Diesel Black Gold in it! I think this is why Wilbert Das is gone! Diesel Black Gold was too much Diesel at all, so that even Black Gold got a “touch” of Diesel...but that was definitely not why Diesel Black Gold was created for!

Now it´s more Black Gold and less Diesel...which is good : D
It becomes very high fashion but is at the same time sportive, unconventional and elegant!

will see what comes next but at that point some details you should´t miss! Of course there are checked-shirts for male and female : )
Diesel or even Diesel Black Gold need to have checked pieces in their fall/winter collection! It´s an unwritten 'Diesel'-law : DI´m not sure about this air brush 'dragon' on the back side!...nice but something bothers me! Think it´s to "heavy"!Like the embroidery at that 'nude' pieces, looks like tattoos but in a different way! Like it! Very feminine!Heavy studded belt: often seen but great and definitely a 'must have' piece!source the cobra snake

Thanks to cobra snake for his great detail shots! BAM!

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