Thursday, 18 February 2010

raw but f***** fashionable!

Don´t know if you saw the fall/winter collection 2010 from G-Star these days! If yes! I think that you liked it like me! Think it´s a great collection and it pushes G-Star to an higher level...which is pretty good because that Label is totally misunderstood and it failed the target-group!

I like it all the way! Strong Colours, great cuts very fashionable and progressive as it should be : D

If you missed the show, here are my favourite looks!like the industrial, denim jumpsuit with the heavy knit! Amazing combination! BAM!great coat by the way!source Coutoture


BillyBilo said...

Wie konnte es dazu kommen, dass so eine geile Marke zum Asi-symbol verkommen ist?

Pana said...

Antwort sind Läden wie P&C & Co, die solche Marken für absolut jeden zugänglich machen! Was prinzipiell gut (für P&C) ist, aber sich auch schnell Negativ (für G-Star) auswiren kann!

Aber sie sind schon seit einiger Zeit daran das zu änern und das auch erfolgreich : D

Die FW 2010 Kollektion rockt auf jeden Fall !!!

The Fake Sartorialist said...

Yes, this is a very fun/colorful collection. I totally agree that gstar misses their target group, maybe a collection like this could guide people :)

The Fake Sartorialist Blog

Pana said...

hope it for g-star!
actually it´s a very cool and sharp Label, but bad marketing and wrong product management!