Saturday, 27 February 2010

play the game!

Gun Tach die Herrschaften,

Klausuren sind endlich alle geschafft! Jetzt kommen drei Wochen Praktikum (das leider noch nicht fest steht), naürlich wird weiterhin gepostet und "gefotot" was das zeug hält!

Ab nächste Woche mehr!

Um die Wartezeit zu verkürzen hier ein kleines Spiel!By the way, this game is so stupid that it is definitely worth a play!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

...have "fun" with!

"Do me a favour, show me who you would like to f*** with!" was the question of the night...I was surprised that they (my colleagues from Diesel and some friends) cooperate really easily!

Now you will see a deep insight the sex-fantasy of different people! Be warned it will will be amused!

interesting....on a ladder!? But to be honest Ekram has a really good taste, he is one of the hottest in that book!....he probably would be the lucky one in this "deal" : D...I just noticed that Ekram (first) and Nuri choose the same guy...think this will end up in a threesome : D...aha "stretching"...or is it more this "against the door" thing !?!?!Andy chooses her because she wears the best outfit! Do we believe that ???Eleni, "give it to me" BAM!Orkun decided to take the couch, very classic but well-tried! :Djust to be clear, I do not detain details but he did not want to share!Another threesome...Rikarda and Meri would love to "take" him...I noticed that only the ladies prefer group activity! Curious!

Note: If you look like that one of that beautiful people in that book and want to have some "fun" with the people who choose you, contact me, I will send it up! : D

tremendous,big, or just say huge...

ego : D
or just really, really do something like that in front of customers!

he loves sex!

And Diesel Denim, but he prefers Sex! Of Course! Everybody prefers Sex :D

Today Sascha visited his old colleagues, he shows me his new belt and poses (of course) for a picture!

Sascha wears a jacket Tiger of Sweden, Wool-jumper by Diesel Black Gold, Trousers (forgot the label but will ask him next time!), Boots by Replay!

I Do not like the Monogram, But i like the Monogram slightly covered by the Stephen Sprouse graffiti graphic : D BAHAMASHION!
(which is a neologism and a combination of BAM & Fashion...i think a own the copyright now!)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

show me your detail!

Two days ago we saw the first Collection by Greek designer Sophia Kokosalaki for Diesel Black Gold at NY Fashion Week! After two days I can say that I like the collection a little bit more!

Actually she did a really good job and the collection is pretty sharp! But I remain at my comment: (I made after the show) there is not that much (typical) Diesel Black Gold in it! I think this is why Wilbert Das is gone! Diesel Black Gold was too much Diesel at all, so that even Black Gold got a “touch” of Diesel...but that was definitely not why Diesel Black Gold was created for!

Now it´s more Black Gold and less Diesel...which is good : D
It becomes very high fashion but is at the same time sportive, unconventional and elegant!

will see what comes next but at that point some details you should´t miss! Of course there are checked-shirts for male and female : )
Diesel or even Diesel Black Gold need to have checked pieces in their fall/winter collection! It´s an unwritten 'Diesel'-law : DI´m not sure about this air brush 'dragon' on the back side!...nice but something bothers me! Think it´s to "heavy"!Like the embroidery at that 'nude' pieces, looks like tattoos but in a different way! Like it! Very feminine!Heavy studded belt: often seen but great and definitely a 'must have' piece!source the cobra snake

Thanks to cobra snake for his great detail shots! BAM!

raw but f***** fashionable!

Don´t know if you saw the fall/winter collection 2010 from G-Star these days! If yes! I think that you liked it like me! Think it´s a great collection and it pushes G-Star to an higher level...which is pretty good because that Label is totally misunderstood and it failed the target-group!

I like it all the way! Strong Colours, great cuts very fashionable and progressive as it should be : D

If you missed the show, here are my favourite looks!like the industrial, denim jumpsuit with the heavy knit! Amazing combination! BAM!great coat by the way!source Coutoture

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Diesel Black Gold FW 2010

Diesel zeigte gestern im Rahmen der NY Fashion Week die erste Black Gold Kollektion von der Griechischen Designerin Sophia Kokosalaki! Die Show wurde per livestream im Internet übertragen und konnte so live (mit 45 minütiger Verspätung) "miterlebt" werden!

Die Kollektion ist gut...aber irgendwie fehlt was! Einige Teile erinnern an Diesel bzw. tragen die "Diesel DNA" in sich, aber es gab keinen Kracher! Kein BAM! Zwar sind einige Einzelteile wirklich empfehlenswert! Aber da hätte mehr passieren können! Als ob sich Sophia zurückhalten musste damit die Sommer 2011 Kollektion noch mehr kracht! Hier einige Looks!Es überwiegt die Farbe Schwarz! Sehr viele transparente Oberteile, sehr viel Haut! Hier hat man sich das Thema "nude" sehr zu Herzen genommen!
Diese Lederhose hängt bald in meinem Schrank : DDieser Look ist sehr Diesel!!! Aber weniger Diesel Black Gold!Der Gürtel kann was!!!Diese Leder/Jeans Kombi, vor allem die Leder Drappierung sind richtig gut gemacht aber da hätte noch ein bisschen mehr kommen müssen!Bilder von
Und hier nochmal die Show in bewegten Bilder!

Diesel Black Gold: FW 2010 Collection - New York Fashion Show from Diesel Planet on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

live stream Diesel Black Gold 16.2

Sophia Kokosalaki's first collection for Diesel Black Gold will stream live today at 5PM.

join it! It is going to be amazing!

Diesel Black Gold live stream or watch it right here!


Monday, 15 February 2010´s cooooold!

Was tut man wenn es verdammt kalt ist, man auf einen Komilitonen im Auto warten muss weil man seinen Schlüssel hat, er beim Vorstellungsgespräch ist und er ohne seinen Schlüssel logischerweise nicht in seine Wohnung kommt ?!: D

something is misplaced : D

...something is wrong in that picture!Tip: it start´s with "M" and ends with "ozzarella"! : P