Friday, 29 January 2010

Bread & Butter is stupid!

Last week I visited Berlin as you maybe remember! Here the pics from my day @ Bread & Butter!But actually i just shot pictures from the Diesel stand because it was my prime aim on the fair this year! It was the first time for Diesel and they did a really good start as i think!Be Stupid!In that cardboard box building they presented the SS 2010 collection, out front the FW 2010 Looks!Here my favorite female FW 2010 look!This chocolate was delicious!!!And he was mr.ChocolateThe Iro. Bus with the underwear models!


schnellie™ said...

Der Typ ganz unten rechts, hast du mir seine Nummer besorgt?

Pana said...

Nö, du stehst auf Muschis : P

Quan said...

oooh those models looks as delicious as the chocolate!

schnellie™ said...

Ja, auch! Mag' auch Schwänze! Toll!! :P

Was kostet der hässliche Rucksack da drüben, über 50.000 Dollar? Kann man sich dazu einen Träger kostenlos buchen, oder warum ist das Teil so teuer?

Pana said...

Aso : D

k.a warum das Teil soviel kostet! Wahrscheinlich weils LV ist ; )
Geil isser auf jeden Fall!